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NowTV Boost on PC

is there a planned upgrade to Nowtv player/app for PC to utilize boost. I mainly watch series on my PC majority of the time as the living room TV is often unavailable for me to use, haha. it is infuriating because there are some really really good shows i want to watch that are on NowTV and i just cant get around watching it 720p on my 1440p monitor. i feel like i am watching it on a Nintendo DS, like seriously Netflix and Amazon have managed a HD way to steam on their apps and on nowtv it feels like im trying to watch a series in 2007.

Please Upgrade it! im fed up of my eyes bleeding watching 720p


Champion 2

I doubt it to be honest. The PC/Mac players are generally the poorest way to receive NOW TV. I imagine that their usage compared to other devices is such that NOW have them low on their list for upgrades. 

You could try the NOW feedback form to let them know what you think: