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NowTV App completely broken on Windows 10 S

I've taken a movies pass, and I cannot get the Microsoft Store NowTV App working.


It says "Somethings not right, give it a moment or check for updates" when I sign-in


I have Windows 10 S on a small netbook which only allows apps from the Microsoft Store - which is fine for most modern apps, but it seems the NowTV app is completely broken and it seems I'm not alone - many reviews on Microsoft Store are complaining that is bust.


I cannot call a call centre to get help or a refund and LiveChat seems next to useless.


Please can someone from NowTV please let me know when this will be fixed





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Re: NowTV App completely broken on Windows 10 S


This is a customer forum, so don't be shocked if you don't get a response. 


There are several ways of getting in touch. Use the below link.

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