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Now tv app won’t play through Bluetooth earphones on mac

when I connect my Bluetooth earphones to my Mac laptop, the now tv app will not play sound through them. All other applications play through my headphones but now tv plays out my laptop. I have checked my Mac sound settings. Please help!

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@Grace8 it's donkeys years old issue that's never been resolved by the powers that be. See below thread for some work around options.

Sorry I can't be any more help.



Having read the other long thread (some complicated workarounds there), I got the idea to connect Bluetooth first, then launch a programme on the NowTV web page via the Safari browser, which launches the app. This way I was able to watch NowTV with Bluetooth sound. It may not work for everyone. Not exactly happy about this oddity. If I'm to stay a long term subscriber, NowTV would have to modernise and allow browser based viewing like every other streaming service I have.

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@appy_days Now will never have browser based streaming as long as they have the rights to Premier League football and other major sporting events.

By enveloping the service with their own app it makes sharing broadcasts virtually impossible.