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Now TV player no longer works : VGC-4277600256:4277600256

Hello NowTV.



I'm always getting this error now - Windows 10, Now TV Player


I din't find it described anywhere here. Sorry if it's a duplicate post.


Any one else has seen this?

Any one would know a fix ? 


Thanks! ,


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Also seems from the sticky post ("We’re very sorry for the issues you have encountered when using the NOW TV Player on some Windows PC or Mac devices.") that there a few problems around with the player.


As a software engineer I ask  myself why isn't a rollback path provided? 

It should be possible to still use the older versions of the player until the new one is more stable

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I have the same issue and it is pretty serious, as it kills my 4K second display , the mouse jumps all over the place, and even uninstalling theiur app does not fix the mouse jumping which happens every 5 seconds or so making it almost impoosible to copy paste etc.


It started shortly after I started watching my first viewing on the Now TV Player 

It all worked fine for about 5 seconds then boom! I loose my 4k Monitor and the app crashes with the same error as you


What has worked so far for me is uninstall their stupid app and reboot, and remove the HDMI connection to my  second monitor and re plug it - this somehow forces the NVidia controller to recognise my monitor - then the dastardly jumping moue thing goes away.


Lets see if this fixes it.


I am really ###### off that I cannot find a live chat for NowTV - poor show 


I saw somewhere on this community I think a reply by a NowTV pro that installing the Aero Glass Theme for Windows 10 should fix it.


I have installed this now and will retry the  install now i know a way to revert to normal after teh crash


I tried NowTV again this weekend.


Surprisingly to me, it worked. The version of the player didn't change between my failed and succesful attempts.


I did not experience the mouse jumping issue you describe at all; just a few seconds of the player loading followed by the error message


I use two monitors as well, but have AMD as graphics card manufacturer


My Now TVPlayer updated today, and surprise it doesn't work. I'm getting about 4 frames per 10 minutes, the term slideshow just doesn't do it justice. Is there an up to date FAQ or a minimum spec for Windows, anything.

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idk why it is not working