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Now TV player does not work


The Now TV player is not fit for purpose


It used to work fine, then it stopped working, I reinstalled and did that was recommended in "Help"


Eventually I gave up cancelled my subscriptions.


Then purely by mistake, I got it working by using my VPN (Norton), so got my subscriptions back.


Now I have the stupid situation, that when I log in to Now TV, my VPN has of be OFF, then before I press play, I have to turn my VPN ON. That is the only I can get the payer to work. It makes no sense.


No other steaming service has this issue. Maybe Now TV (Sky) should revew their systems?



Legend 5
Legend 5


Have a look at this thread.

VPN use with NOW on any device is likely not to work. 
NOW are clamping down on VPNs being used.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help