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Now TV player PC image quality is pixelated

Environment: PC (windows), NowTV app version (re-downloaded and installed a couple of days ago), 1440p monitor resolution.



Sky Sports Main Event & Sky Sports Football


Internet speed/connection type:

80mb down 30mb up

Connected via Ethernet direct to the router



I have been using the NowTV sports subscription on and off for a year or so now.  I never have any issues with buffering, but just recently (last 2-3 weeks) the picture quality is very low, like pixelated blocks which makes whatever is on the screen look like it is from minecraft!


I also have a 1080p monitor attached to my PC and whilst the issue is still there, because of the lower resolution it isn't as pronounced.  I can't see any settings options on the NowTV player to manually change the quality, so I'm stuck with it - any idea what is causing this?


Note I do watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport, Youtube & BBC iPlayer without any issues with quality, only the NowTV player.

Anonymous User
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Same for me, although I'm using the Now TV Player on a Macbook.
Netflix, BBCiPlayer, ITV Hub, UKTV Play, Plex, Amazon Video (or whatever that one is called now) - I use them all on the same Macbook and all are absolutely fine.
But Now TV Player when streaming live sport is awful - most of the game is unwatchable.
Think it's time to stop paying for Now TV...