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Now TV on Windows 10

Previously there was an app in Windows 10 that I used to access Movies and Entertainment. Yes I was missing subtitles but it was easy to use. Now I have subtitles but I need to login in a Browser to install a player to look for something in the browser and then it pops up on the player. Since when there has been this change I have been put off to use Now TV on my laptop. Rarely I use the TV and the laptop was my preferred method to enjoy Now TV. Due to this I am progressively shifting to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Apple TV+ that give everything in the Web browser without needing to have a player that, from time to time, it is even giving error messages. I suspect that other users may not like the present layout and I would advise anyone else not happy for this to leave a message in the hope that Now TV re-enables the Windows 10 app or develop a system that is just using the browser to browse the contents and play them. It shouldn't be very hard as that technology is already used by nearly all the online video streaming services.  As it is, if the issue is not addressed, it is useless to pay for a service that I am basically not enjoying and therefore I will have to consider to unsubscribe.

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@Anonymous User 

Unfortunately as this is a customer forum, posting comments hoping for change in UI or app availability for Now TV will generally go unheard. 
Your best option is to send an email to customer service to see if it’s something that can be put on the “roadmap”.


Email address is in the below picture 


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help