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Now TV - The worst streaming service, Now even worse

I just sat down to start watching the recently added Futurama episodes and was asked to download a new version of the NowTV player for desktop. The download and install went fine but when I started to watch the first episode, the quality sucked. 240p levels of sucking.

Knowing that my broadband service isn't the greatest, I rushed to check my currently download speed which turned out to be fine. I then decided to check both the Now TV app on my TV and the Now TV app on my tablet, both of which streamed the video in full quality which 100% ruled out my internet connection as the culprit.

I reinstalled the app hoping this may solve the issue, that maybe it was some left over junk from the previous install or the multiple installations of the absolutely pathetic DRM solution Cisco VideoGuard that hangs around even after uninstalling the Now TV app. 

Sadly, no. The quality still sucked and on top of that, I Now receive constant 20004 errors which the help suggests is buffering problems even though we ruled out bandwidth/speed issues earlier.

Now my only option is streaming on my TV which I rarely do as I am never in the living room, on a 7" tablet which isn't exactly the best viewing experience or using the Windows Store app where the quality is fine but constantly having to restart due to endless errors.

As a developer myself, I would be embarrased to release an app like this to paying customers. All the competition such as Netflix and Amazon Prime work flawlessly and a company the size of Sky should really be ashamed of themselves.

Now, fix it or I will Now cancel my subscription and suggest all my contacts do the same.



Anonymous User
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I’m new to NOW TV but it’s awful.

Constant buffering on PS4, mega internet speeds and they suggest hard wiring my device, properly dated and miles behind Netflix and Amazon.

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It is the worst, its clunky and hardly works.


Easily the worse streaming service out there because of how bad the player is.

Anonymous User
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Paid 12 pounds to watch an f1 race. I gave up after a while. Terrible stream quality. Constant disconnects and mysterious errors. It’sa rich collection bugs. 
tried to switch to mobile, but it doesn’t realise I turned off my tv and does not allow that even after 10 mins my tv is off.

on top of a terrible overall quality, the price tag is off to the moon 


@Anonymous User Sorry to hear that. I watched the race on my iPad and it was just fine. Remember it depends partly on the way your device is connected. And it is no use just turning your TV "off" if you want to watch on another device with a Day Membership, you have to back out of the active app first itself.