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Now TV Player not working



Since the 26th September I've been having a problem with the Now TV player. At the moment when I click to watch something the Now TV player loads up for a few seconds and then disappears. For a few days prior to this when I was watching something the video would stop and then I'd have to load the player again until it just stopped playing anything.


I'm using the Now TV on a laptop and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the player about six times and I still have the same issue. I've deleted the cookies on my computer, reset my router and restored my computer to an earlier date to see if any of that might help but it hasn't. Is there a way I can fix this?


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@RoyB A device limit still applies, though? I have found that issue on occasion despite thinking I was nifty enough to switch, despite having the Boost. 




Yes, the limit is 3 devices at once.


And you can now have as many devices as you like set up, though a maximum of six are shown on your Now dashboard, and only those of this six which support downloads can have downloads on them.


Using a device outside of this six will work, as long as it doesn’t break the simultaneous devices limit, and it will be seamlessly swapped into the six you have, knocking out the device last used longest ago which has no downloads on it. Or, if they all have downloads, the one last used longest ago.


This has replaced the clunky old system where you could only have three device swaps a month, and if you wanted to use a seventh device, you had to go in to your account and delete one of the six.


The new approach isn’t perfect yet; you can’t delete devices for yourself, so a lot of devices are still in member’s lists, even though they own them any more, and you can’t rename devices for yourself, so you can get a maze of twisty little Now devices, all the same, which you can’t tell apart.


But we may yet see these issues fixed.



Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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I’m guessing you have Bitdefender as your laptops antivirus? If so Bitdefender is preventing your player from opening (I had exactly the same problem as you) you have two options either delete Bitdefender and chose a different antivirus or go into Bitdefender and in exceptions set now tv player to be ignored and after that try watching something on now tv and it should open the player with any problems.


Perdonslly no I don't use bitdefender and I have deleted the cisco folder so it no longer exists.