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Now TV Player not working



Since the 26th September I've been having a problem with the Now TV player. At the moment when I click to watch something the Now TV player loads up for a few seconds and then disappears. For a few days prior to this when I was watching something the video would stop and then I'd have to load the player again until it just stopped playing anything.


I'm using the Now TV on a laptop and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the player about six times and I still have the same issue. I've deleted the cookies on my computer, reset my router and restored my computer to an earlier date to see if any of that might help but it hasn't. Is there a way I can fix this?


Best wishes,

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New customer..


Cant get the player to work on windows 10 pc...


Install, uninstall, remove cookies etc all fail..


I will get my revenge on Now TV...waste some execs time just like they wasted mine


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@Anonymous User 

Try the solution in this link. It was also mentioned upthread in thread.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Thanks my friend.

Have looked and I have no such folder...

Yep, as above I tried all sorts of things including deleting the Cisco folder etc but nothing worked until I added a couple of exceptions into my AV software for the 2 nowtv folders that are contained within the "roaming" subfolder on C drive.


No reboot required, pop the exclusion in and the app loads and runs perfectly.


Hi there.  I also am now unable to get the nowtv player to work after I installed bitdefender.  Can you please explain exactly how to add the exception within the app.  I can't find anything to do with it in settings.  Thanks


Hi again.  So I worked out how to add an exemption but it still wont work.  What exactly do you enter in the box where it sys path, extension name etc?

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My player stopped working with the upgrade to Windows 11. 


Clean install on a fresh OS with no AV of any kind running and it quits on load with no error. 


What a terrible, terrible application.

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I've been struggling with this problem for a few months, spent an hour looking into various error logs and eventually came across this solution from another thread ( which has worked for me, so hopefully you will have the same luck too!:


Navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow


Delete the Cisco folder


Open NowTV Player and it should work.


If this doesn't fix it, delete that cisco folder as well as any NowTV folder inside C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming 

Then reinstall NowTV Player


Tested on Windows 10 x64


Just in case anyone felt like speaking with live chat for help.... Don't.


Here's an example of the help you will receive.


NOWbot (28/11/2021, 15:25:10): I’ll put you through to an advisor now to get that sorted.
NOWbot (28/11/2021, 15:25:11): You should be transferred in a moment – hold tight.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:25:17): Thanks for contacting NOW, can I start by taking your full name and email address please?
null (28/11/2021, 15:25:35): Sure its xxxxxx and [email removed]
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:25:47): Hi xxx.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:25:56): its an absolute delight to have you on this chat. How can I assist you today?
null (28/11/2021, 15:25:58): Hi there
null (28/11/2021, 15:26:39): So I just signed up to Now, checked and my account is working fine on my roku stick in my tv, then came to my PC and the player will not work at all here.
null (28/11/2021, 15:26:57): When I go to use it it opens for a few seconds then closes before showing any errors or anything
null (28/11/2021, 15:27:26): I have tried a few things suggested on your site, Deleted cookies, reinstalled the player etc.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:28:35): xxx, I really appreciate your patience's on trying out few troubleshooting steps.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:29:30): Let me access your account and check why you are unable to watch on player.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:30:32): Just to confirm, are you trying to watch on both the devices simultaneously.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:30:37): ?
null (28/11/2021, 15:31:11): nope only on the one, my family are watching netflix on the roku
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:35:50): xxx, as there no NOW Boost o the account you can watch on one device at once.
null (28/11/2021, 15:36:25): I am only watching on one device
null (28/11/2021, 15:36:44): well to be accurate i am watching on 0 devices as the PC app won't load haha
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:36:58): I request you uninstall the NOIW player while I am here and re-install and try to watch, I will remove the device on the account.
null (28/11/2021, 15:37:07): ok
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:37:15): Thank you.
null (28/11/2021, 15:38:07): uninstalled, I'll delete the now folders in my appdata folders too for you so it is completely removed form the system
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:38:19): Cool!!
null (28/11/2021, 15:41:57): okay completely uninstalled, and reinstalled from a fresh download of the app, and same issue.
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:43:53): can you please help me with the make in model of the PC ?
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:44:23): can you please help me with the NOW player version ?
null (28/11/2021, 15:45:01): the make and model? Sure its a custom built system made by aria pc in the uk
null (28/11/2021, 15:45:33): the version of the player is 8.11.0
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:48:24): Unfortunately, if the PC is Custom built then the NOW player doesn't work.
null (28/11/2021, 15:48:56): That's rubbish, you and I both know the maker of the PC has no effect on software running,
null (28/11/2021, 15:50:54): the pc is running a fully licensed legitimate version of windows 10 x64. It has ample hardware to run the most demanding games on the highest of settings. In fact I would say the spec of this machine far surpasses that of most store bought machines.
null (28/11/2021, 15:51:04): Do you have a higher tier technical help?
USHA (28/11/2021, 15:52:32): xxx, please stay connected while I transfer the chat to higher end technical team.

I'll not bore you with the "higher tier" support but this line sums it all up for you.


HINOTO (28/11/2021, 16:08:18): You know things better than me here 🙂 haha .

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I've tried locating cisco folder but isn't anywhere on C drive