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Now TV Player app closing right after opening


I bought a one day Sports pass to watch Sky sports F1 tonight. I just watched a bit of the race from last year that was shown, but the performance of my laptop was a bit poor, so I restarted it, but now when I select any Sports channel from my browser (Chrome) in Windows 10 v.1903, it gives the pop-up to open the Now TV Player app, which then opens and loads for a few seconds and then closes again. 

Is there a quick way to fix this? 

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Re: Now TV Player app closing right after opening



There is a world of hurt to be had here 😢

Try again, and when it gets to the choice between ‘Download Player’ and ‘I already have it‘, try the Download option.


If no go, use the Windows Uninstall option to remove the Player and try again.


if this still doesn’t work, then things I have recommended, but not yet myself tried (fair warning) are starting Windows in Safe Mode and then trying the Uninstall, or using Revo Uninstaller.


But I have a (deliberately) smashed-up Player installation that I will be playing with over the next couple of days, to see if I can devise a universal recipe for recovering from a non-working player. So watch this space.


Alternatively, open the Microsoft Store, if this appears when you type that into the window bottom left on your desktop, and download the Now TV (the space is important) app and install that.


To my way of thinking, this offers a much better experience than the browser/player combination, and yet NowTV are letting it languish. But while it is still there, and still works, it is my preferred PC option.



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