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Now TV App

Stop telling people to download your terrible app every time they point out how insanely bad an idea it was to stop browser support. Believe it or not, not everyone wants a barely functioning, buggy app or want to have it be the only thing they can use at the time on their computer. The smart, logical thing is to bring in the new browser support before removing the old browser support, even if it hardly ever worked at least it was something. Many people like myself prefer the option of having something playing in a seperate window whilst they do something else on the computer. Support this! Tailor your platform to OUR needs, don't try and tailor the customer to your platform.


Also, stop mentioning Internet Explorer. Everyone knows that outdated junk is only useful for downloading a better browser.

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If we are going to have to use tht horrid horrid app to watch on our PCs, at least make it configurable!


I want to be able to have it in a window, not taking over the whole machine.

I want to be able to select how things are shown on the front screen, not have to scroll through reams of things I'm not interested in watching.


Fixx it.

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I want to like the app but the somewhat questionable design choices make it really hard.


Firstly: why is there no volume control?! 


The fullscreen requirement makes no sense. I found out you can shrink movies into a window after they start playing (hover mouse at the top of the screen until a menu bar appears and click the double-ended arrow icon on the right), but to not be able to browse the movie list in windowed mode is just daft. I have a text file of movies a friend recommended and I cannot read the list and browse to see what's actually on NowTV at the same time. Also, hiding functionality away in special invisible menus that only appear if the user knows how to get to them is extremely poor UI design.


It feels like this app was designed for a tablet where you have volume keys on the side and fullscreen by default; desktop computers don't have either of those. Having had at least a year or two of advanced warning that Silverlight was going to be deprecated I just don't understand why Sky have put no effort whatsoever into building a viable alternative, rather than just chucking everyone onto an app that was clearly designed for a different device.