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Now TV App Not Working on Windows 10

I had been using the Now TV app for Windows 10 since late September with no issues.  About two weeks ago, I was spontaneously logged out of the app and when I attempted to login again it kept telling me to visit  I did this and it claimed the broadband was running slow.  I ran all of the diagnostics and followed all of the reset procedure, which got the broadband back to full speed.  However, the app still would not let me login.  Two weeks later I have uninstalled and re-installed the app at least 5 times and have continued to check that the broadband and TV are running as they should be, but am never able to login. 


I contacted Now TV via their online chat feature and was advised to download the Now TV player.  They offered no solution to the app problem via online chat.  The user interface is terrible and clunky, it regularly crashes when trying to play follow on episodes, and I have to clear the cookies and browsing data in my Google Chrome every other day to keep it working.  


Has anyone else had this issue with the Now TV app on Windows 10 that they have managed to resolve?  I only use the service on my laptop so this issue is really starting to make the service not worth paying for .  I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Re: Now TV App Not Working on Windows 10

I too have been recently logged out of the app on windows 10 which was always working fine before. Have been unable to get it working again, tried uninstalling/reinstalling etc but still get the somethings not right message. It would seem that Sky don't seem to care about fixing the app and instead direct people to download the player which you have to use in conjunction with a browser which is clunky and a pain. Like you I don't think I will be renewing my passes if they don't bother to fix the app. They obviously aren't bothered about keeping their customers then are they...