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No sound from Now TV Player on Mac M1

I've got external speakers plugged into my Mac Mini M1 using 'external headphones' in sound settings (as the speakers are plugged into the headphone socket).

Every app or website that plays sound works perfectly with this setup - only the Now TV Player won't play sound through the speakers in this way. It will only use the internal speaker in the Mac Mini, which is low quality, to say the least!

Has anyone solved this, or is it a bug in the Player App? 

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Elite 2

Have you checked System Preferences > Sound on your Mac to see which output is selected? 


Yes, the first place I checked 😀.

But the behaviour is bizarre...

If I play a stream from BBC Sounds in a browser and have a programme streaming in the Now TV player, I can hear both when I select "Mac Mini Speakers".

If I then select 'External headphones" I can hear BBC Sounds through my external speakers, but Now TV is still playing through the internal Mac Mini speakers.

It's as though the Now TV Player is somehow only capable of sending sound to the internal speakers.

Elite 2

Hmm, that's me stumped then. The Mac/Windows players are generally regarded as riddled with issues. I have a Mac and never use the NOW player on that, I prefer just about any of the other many devices supported. 

You could always contact the support team and see if they have any advice, try the Chat online button towards the top of the page here

Elite 3

@wdgc @redchiz1 sounds similar to this thread that was never solved, albeit, it's related to Bluetooth speakers but the symptoms are the same.

Sounds like a long-standing bug that Sky won't/can't address.