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Mac player still not working.

I am watching on a MacBook air, i am able to watch any other service with no issues (im getting roughly 50 Mbps). Now tv works on my xbox aswell as on other laptops. But when i try and watch on my macbook i just get a black screen with no playback controls. My laptop does however work on other networks, it seems to be the combination of my laptop and my home network that stops it all working.

I have been in contact with technicians which have offered help but with no resolution!

If anyone has faced the same issue or has any idea how to resolve this, it would be greatly appretiated.


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Re: Mac player still not working.

So far? It's a common problem with no way to resolve it permanently. Apparently since they switched players it has beena problem off and on for MAC users, making people angry and begging for it to be switched back or just ending their service altogether. It's not a problem on other apple devices, only on their computer laptops. My best guess is something about the coding for the new player is off, it working well on other computers but isn't translating well to MAC. It works and then it stops every time they update the system and it takes days or longer for the technicians to fix it, probably because the coders are scouring the code, trying to re-write whatever is causing the issue in the first place. 


It really sucks, I'm about sick of it. I've had it for over a month and the app hasn't worked on my computer almost 50% of the time. It's just randomly stopped working at least once a week for 1-5 days at a time. I don't even know why we are paying for a service that we cannot use and why they aren't doing more to stop this. If the new system isn't working right, they should be saying something or re-imbursing us or demanding their money back or that it be fixed by whomever did this to them or at the very least, making a public announcement and offering a lower price to MAC users until they can fix this. It's completely ridiculous to be paying for a service that doesn't work.

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Re: Mac player still not working.

Won't work or even install on my macbook pro either. Tried it so many times and now just given up. I can use it OK on my iPhone and iPad. I've cancelled 2 out of three of my subscriptions.