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Listing programmes I cannot watch

is there some logic behind listing programmes on "whats on Now/next" when those programmes can't be viewed because of rights restrictions


i don't recall anyone saying that when I bought my entertainment pass.  We will sell you a service that you won't be able to view but you can see the listings for programmes you cannot watch.


I can see listings of programmes I cant watch  by looking in my local free paper.  It goes well with the TV App that hangs (netflix and Amazon seem to be able to work)


i am getting fed up with this. If they don't intend to offer a decent service say so and I will save my money

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Re: Listing programmes I cannot watch

Could you post some examples of content your unable to watch which has been scheduled for broadcast?


In the early days of Now TV there would be one or two programs a day which could not be streamed but I haven’t experienced this for a very long time.


Which device are you using to stream? I use Roku+ stick, Now TV stick, LG Smart TV and iPad with no problems with the picture or sound.

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