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Have they sorted the subtitles out yet?

There are a couple of shows that I want to watch that are exclusive to NOW TV and I'm looking to subscribe for a couple of months. However I would only use the PC and  I NEED subtitles that work. Before when I joined the subtitles were a joke, they would disappear for long length of times then come in big clumps, completely useless for following the plot. After looking at it I found forum posts indicating it had been a known issue for over a year, and NOW appeared to be doing nothing about it  Anybody who is using the PC NOW player at the moment can you confirm or not whether they've sorted out the subtitles?

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I don't think so. I'm not even bothered really to watch using the pc app as I'm aware of the issue. However, I did recently watched one of the latest shows (The 3rd Day) on my pc and surprisingly the sync was perfect with no missing subtitles at all! Then I tried Watchmen which is like half year older and again the subs were problematic. Not sure if they are trying to improve the issue with some of the newest shows...