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Grey box over screen when mirroring from MacBook Pro with Airplay

I'm unable to use airplay to mirror my screen and watch on my tv without the now tv player covering the whole screen in a grey box, making my new subscription effectively useless. The player works fine on the laptop when not using airplay, and its not a connection error as the show continues like normal with audio beneath the grey box, the box also changes size when re-sizing the window.

I've tried all the typical solutions of restarting/re-installing/re-initialising both MacBook and tv and the nowtv app with no help. there are no other programs open on the computer which could be causing this, so I'm stuck on what to do, apart from canceling my subscription.


Ive read other similar posts which show this has been a problem for over a year after an update for the nowtv player on mac, it's pathetic that this hasn't been fixed yet. 

Anonymous User
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New customer. Same thing!!!