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Films go blurry using NOW tv app on Apple TV


Reinstalled the app, restarted the router, why does it still go blurry half way through films?

I've got 75meg fibre broadband - and only the Apple TV will be streaming at this time. 

Is the app that Sh** or has anyone any bright ideas? because this is a shocking paid for service and I wont last the month at this rate.

Ive used better beta software than this.

Thanks for any help guys and girls.


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

Are you using a Mac with the NOW Player software or an Apple TV box ?

I don't use either myself but if using a Mac double check the Mac OS is fully up to date.

Also on my NOW playback devices where I can I use the Google Public DNS on them and the picture is rock solid and stable when watching NOW content (though I have no user experience with a Mac or newer generation Apple TV box).

Hope you get it resolved.