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Error Code: OVP_00013

I had accidentally forgot to turn off my work VPN when launching NOW TV Player on my laptop and have the above error code.


I cleared all cookies and history, made sure the VPN wasn't active and I removed NOWTV and reinstalled it but still showing the code.


It still works fine from my Phone app and TV.


Any suggestions on what I can try?


Thank you

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Anonymous User
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To confirm


I have now fixed the problem 


thank you


That was quick and good to know you got it sorted.


Anything you can share that may help others in similar circumstances? The benefit of a community after all.  🙂

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't use a PC for watching NOW myself, but i would be inclined to temporary power down both your PC and Router for a minute and then restart them both to see if this clears the VPN error message.


You could also try a logout and log back in on your NOW account and maybe try a different internet browser when watching NOW.


Apart from that get in touch with NOW live chat for further assistance and help.


Edit - Ignore my post, where you have seemed to resolved it whilst typing my reply 👍.