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Continual Web Browser Sign in

Hi, I am setting up NOW TV on my parents PC with their web browser and the desktop NOW TV Player. I can sign them in and its all fine. However every time they open the browser it asks them to sign in again. I can prefill the details on screen so all they have to click is 'Sign In' but they have to do this every time. This might not seem a big deal but they are now starting to struggle with dementia so any step I can take out of the process is a bonus. Is there any way to keep NOW TV signed in on a browser or is it just set up like this? NB - I have tried on both Microsoft Edge and Chrome.


PS - If anyone who is developing the NOW TV Desktop App is reading this then PLEASE design it so that it when it opens you don't have to go to the NOW TV web page again, just to go back to the App to watch something. Cheers.

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Re: Continual Web Browser Sign in

Hi @eddycurrent 


I don't use a PC for watching NOW but from my experience the website doesn't keep you logged in permanently and signs you out, which might be a problem for your parents on what you are saying.


Unless somebody on the forum knows a way around this ?


With other NOW devices i have used such has tablets, streaming boxes and sticks on the television the NOW App software always from my experience keeps me logged in to watch (unless i physically sign out).

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