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Compensation For Lack Of NowTV Access Via A Browser?

So, we've been fobbed off for over six weeks now, constantly being promised fixes but still no solution, yet we continue to pay for this failed service. To Now TV Customer support; Are we now going to see some compensation for loss of service? By that I mean not waiting on live chat for two hours with endless and pointless questions regarding fixes to our PC's etc that will never work as the problem is your end not ours. I mean a blanket offer to all those customers like myself who cannot view via a web browser for the last two months.
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Well, enough is enough, after almost six months of not being able to view via any of our laptops or PC's and with no fixes on the horizon I've just cancelled all passes on Now TV and will not be back until this is fixed or decent compensation is offered.


Netflix and Amazon for me as they all work just fine!


If you have had enough too then vote with your feet, Sky will soon get their act together then. Don't keep giving them YOUR money if you are not getting the full service you are paying for.