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Cannot play NOW on laptop: download does not install?

I've had NOW for a couple of years on laptop, no problem. Yesterday (so far as I recall) it wouldn't play, and an error message said there was an update available. Downloaded latest update - still would not play. The error message suggested uninstalling everything NOW I already had on my laptop, so I uninstalled everything. Then I've downloaded the latest NOW several times, but each time the installation process "sticks" and I get an error message. I get the same message if I do try to play NOW, which is of course unlikely to work since it's not installed!

My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 17", using Windows 10. I believe I had been using a NOW version "10" or there was a "10" number there. The update is to whatever the very latest NOW version is, which I believe is 12?

I get the error message: System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because the node.dll was not found. Reinstalling may .... (fix the problem). I did as directed and uninstalled everything NOW including cookies, but though I can download the latest NOW, I cannot install it. I get the error message also in trying to install it. So it's not so much that it isn't working: it's that I don't have the player and have tried numerous times to install it. Installation "sticks" half-way through with that error message. I have no idea what a node.dll is.

Got to say that I'd like to just talk to someone from NOW, or message them, but I just go round and round in a loop trying to find a contact number or link, and can't see any way to contact them? That would be the ideal.

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Update: I wrote the above after a night's sleep. But today it just installed: all is OK! Go figure.