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Can't watch anything again!

So I have had this issue multiple times with Now TV. Whenever I try to visit the site through internet explorer on my laptop the site runs ridiculously slowly (nothing new there!) I log in and yet am unable to play anything.


If I search for a TV show/film it doesn't give me the option to play and instead tells me the price of subscriptions! I have the correct passes on my account but still cannot play anything. If I go to the page continually loads with the error message "continue watching is temporarily unavailable as we tidy up a few bits in the background"  flashing up for a second before it disappears. 


I have had this a few times in the past and it is fixed by deleting my browsing histories/cookies etc but this has been like this now for a month or so. I can still watch now tv on my xbox but just not my laptop and getting really fed up with the constant issues on this site!


If anyone can help me that'd be great.


Thank you.

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Hi @Anonymous User,


Out of interest... Which Microsoft OS version are you running?