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sky sports channels do not buffer, stays at 0%, everything is okay on my side, sort it out asap


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You know, reading through this thread shows that you all have problems with using Now TV on your windows laptops, but you guys seem to make things more complicated than it needs to be.


SMD made a good suggestion that would immediately solve your problems but his idea is rejected out of hand and, as far as I can see, for no good reason other than insisting on getting something fixed immediately that may take a long time to sort out.  


You guys are not interested in the end product, watching US programmes without interruption, but rather getting this technical issue sorted.


Just to let you know, I watched GoT season 7 episode 4 last night/this morning without any problems whatsoever.



UK Bob

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Yeah, there's no option if you don't have a TV or money to get one. I spent my money on this site because in the past it has delivered but since I got my latest month pass it's been terrible across the board. I managed to watch two episodes late last night before it started buffering again. If I've paid for a service that is supposed to be available 24/7 on demand but it only works after 11pm at night I'm not getting what I paid for, and I am not happy and I'm entitled to not be happy about it. I buy this pass precisely because I only have my computer to stream stuff on and I can't afford to spend however much on a TV, Sky box, and connection fees to only watch a couple of shows.

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"We're aware of an issue that may be IS affecting customers watching NOW TV using Silverlight on the PC / Laptop. "


"In the meantime you can view on various other devices, please check here for a list of available devices  devices that you should have bought from amazon before believing that we can deliver the service you have just purchased."


"We'll post more information here when we have an update find out what. exactly. it is that we've fouled up.  But don't hold your breath."



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I have just installed NowTV on my brand new laptop, using Windows 10. I am connected to the  5g WiFi and my router is about six foot away from my laptop. My internet speed is "Very High". All other apps (Youtube, Netflix, etc) work perfectly fine and yet I can't go two minutes without having to reset everything just for the app to mess up and have to reset it all again. Then when I try to click to watch the next episode of my TV programme, the app shuts itself off altogether. Not happy. The service I'm paying for isn't fit for purpose and I'm considering contacting the Ombudsman. I shouldn't have to pay for a service that isn't working the way it should and it looks as if I'm not the only person having these issues.