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Bought sports day pass, wouldnt work, missed the match. How to get refund?

I am proper fuming.

I bought a day pass of sports to watch Leicester v United and the desktop app kept sending me in circles, and the play button was non responsive on the website. Low and behold I never started a stream and I missed the match and had to follow text alerts.

To add insult to inury, I CANNOT FIND HOW TO GET A REFUND or even who to contact?

Please contact me to arrange a refund.


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i had the same problem for the Chelsea game.

It just kept telling me I needed to buy sky sports pass that I already brought, but it wouldn't work on any device that I tried to open the game on.


 There is no customer services to talk to just a generic email chat the took me Circles.

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Bought day pass for Chelsea v Wolves match when I tried to access the programme I kept getting a screen message saying - please check you have the correct entitlements to use the channel Oxfd800076.

this happened repeatedly.

Never had a problem before.

cant see who to contact for a refund.

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@Anonymous User email


customerservices @ (ensuring no spaces)