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Bad experience on Mac OS X and cannot connect to TV

Just for the laugh, let me describe how day one with Now TV went for me yesterday.


 * Signed up online. Discover both more expensive and more restrictive than Netflix and Amazon 😕

 * Looked for app in Android Store on my TV. Found none 😞

 * Contacted Now TV support: they confirm no Android TV app 😞

 * Logged in via browser on laptop. Discovered most things I care about have only a 14-30 day window to watch 😞

 * Tried to watch something in browser and discovered not possible. Need to download app 😞

 * Look for app in Mac Store but none so have to download and manually install from Now TV website without protection and upgrade guarantees that Mac Store would provide 😞

 * Run the installed app and discoved it is not standalone and needs to communicate with browser 😞

 * App <--> browser communication fails 100% of the time in Chrome. No errors surface but I see them when in developer mode JS console. Cannot play anything 😞

 * Eventually try switching to Safari and finally something plays, but still only on my laptop 😕

 * I use HDMI cable to connect to my TV but only video goes through. Sound still on laptop 😞

 * I verify every other application successfully sends sound from laptop to TV over HDMI cable and (presumably because of DRM) it is only the Now TV app that stubbornly refuses to play sound except through laptop speakers 😞

 * I connect bluetooth speaker to laptop and try sending sound to that. Again all system sounds except now tv app play through bluetooth speaker 😞

 * My partner and I decide to give up on TV and watch on laptop 😞

 * From time to time, despite my 240Mb fibre connection to Virgin media, video goes blurry 😞


COME ON NOW TV! You've given me absolutely NO INCENTIVE to remain a customer. OF COURSE I'm going to cancel my subscription.

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