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was playing around and accidentally deleted device!

Hi -


I got now TV only a couple of days ago and I was playing around with the devices to understand the functionality but accidentally deleted off my iPhone and now unable to watch NowTV!


There are 2 other devices on the account which I added (an android (my mums phone) and also a "casting" device (my mums new tv)... both of which I added to test the functions of NowTV during my last visit back home to see how the devices would differ)...


Please can you help me reactivate the last device I removed or allow me to add a device again... Or I will be paying for the subscription and unable to watch football for the month going forward! (nightmare situation)...



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Re: was playing around and accidentally deleted device!



Hi K


Your best bet is to contact Live Chat at the following URL: 


Good luck



UK Bob

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