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How to download Sky box office app

Just ordered the Joshua v Povetkin fight and now being advised I'll have to watch this via the Sky Box Office App.  I can't seem to download this app.  I watch NOW TV via a built in NOW TV app on my TV so don't have a NOW TV box so not able to downlo...

Not tv not streaming

I have spent the last 45 minutes on the phone to Plusnet checking that is it not an issue with my account/ internet  NOw tv is showing “ viewing stoppedsoemting gone wrong, if the problem perisists contact online support team”  has as anyone else had...

Now TV App on Samsung Smart TV

Hello there..I have the Now TV app on my Samsung smart TV, on the movies section I can't find the sky store part of it on the app or not?Help! Many thanks. 


Hi, Simeone ccould  please confirm that Miracast definitely doesn’t work ?


Hi. I have bought the entertainment and cinema pass but only the cinema one comes up on my tv. The entertainment one is nowhere?? 

Poor customer service

Does anybody else feel that the level of customer support service provided by NOW TV  for sport (it is the only package I have) is very, very poor to the point of being useless?  I have discovered that they have two strategies when things go wrong. U...

contacting NOW tv

Anybody had any trouble trying to contact now tv? I have submitted 2 online enquires, not had a response for over 2 weeks. Tried online chat, once didn't get through after 45 minutes, the other time they cut me off after i explained my issue. Tried c...

Now tv isn’t loading

My tv is currently displaying this message “well, that didn’t go to plan... NOW TV isn’t loading. Please try again in a bit”. This message has been present for 7 days. How do I correct this? I don’t have a stick or box. 

Search button in box sets section

I can't seem to find a search button or tab in the box sets section?? As I'm trying to find The Walking Dead?? Which DOESN'T seem to be on here!?!? This Will be the deciding factor in my decision on going further with my subscription!?!?

My pass was cancelled and it wasn’t me !

Has anyone else had this problem. I was watching now tv on the playstation when suddenly it came up saying please pay to watch. Upon signing into my account online and veiwing my passes, it had said my pass had been cancelled which I never did. Has t...