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Now Tv on Roku 4k streaming stick

Hi allnew to community here, maybe it's been answered before, if so sorry about it.just bought online a Roku 4k streaming stick for a second tv set, using it from Republic of Ireland, I already use a chromecast in for another TV set to use Now TV, bu...

Quest On Demand

Now that Quest on Demand is readily available to download, are Now TV going to add it to the smart sticks etc love having BBC iplayer etc it would be great if NOW TV would add Quest OD also.

No reply to email.

Hi there. How long does it usually take for them to reply to emails? I emailed over 24 hours ago and still nothing.  I want to cancel before going live as they’ve messed me about and on the phone said I should receive an email in 72 hours. It’s now o...

Sky X

Interesting news this morning re the new Sky X product which has been launched in Austria. can see this replacing NowTV in the UK as the delivery cho...

Freeview app on Now TV box 4631UK!?

Hi All, Would it be possible to add the Freeview app to the Now TV box?Who should I contact for this request? PS: Pretty shame it is not possible to install apps from the Play Store once I bought for the box.

“ error in the player “

Could anyone help me?  I have had a new xbox and re downloaded now tv however every time I try to watch something it keeps saying “ sorry, there was an error in the player “ WiFi is all working and I can use the app on my phone fine it’s just my Xbox...

Purchases have disappeared

I bought the harry potter box set on the sky store app on my now tv box about a year ago. I went to put it on the other day and they have disappeared aswell as a few other movies I bought (not rented) how fo I get my films back

Netflix app on NowTV boxes -- why only stereo audio?

Why does the Netflix app on NowTV boxes only deliver stereo audio when connected to surround sound systems?  In the settings on my NowTV box I have it set for DolbyD, yet, when I play back stuff via the Netflix app all I get is stereo audio. I suspec...

Error code

Hi i am using the now tv app on my LG to and keep getting error code saying Something's not right. Give it a moment, or check for updates. Can anyone help me with this problem thanks 2tone01