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Now channel on roku stick

I can't seem to open the NOW app on my Roku stick. I have uninstalled, reset the stick and it just keeps kicking me out??? Any ideas

Something Went Wrong

Using NowTV Roku app, the two entertainment channels that require the pin number during the day, Sky Comedy and Sky Documentaries, play <1 second of then drop out stating 'something went wrong'. It only happens with these channels, other channels and...

YouTube on both box and smart stick

Since this morning I've been unable to watch anything on YouTube.  I get as far as the menu screen, pick a video and all looks well but nowt happens.  The screen goes black and no video plays.   I have both a stick and a box on different tellies and ...

When is Chromebook likely to be supported?

Have used NowTV before and must have streamed directly through Chrome browser on my Pixel Slate device (or perhaps used an app at the time!).  Bought a 1 month pass last week and I can't get NowTV at all on my Pixel Slate which is disappointing.  I a...

Resolved! Toshiba tv

Hi. I've just signed up to now tv but can't seem to access it from my tv. Its a Toshiba tv, no idea on model or anything like that. I've looked at adding Now tv, but it doesn't seem possible. Can anyone help? 


Hello my son bought a,months sky sports pass instead of a day pass I've asked for a refund I had an email saying its cancelled but no refund. And I can't seem to speak to anyone. 

Disney+ app

I have just added the Disney+ app to my Now tv stick but everytime I try to watch something I get a screen that just says "Error unspecified" and then a box underneath that says "ok" I've checked my internet connection, which is fine, checked for any...

Resolved! Crunchroll App

Hi there I have a Now TV Stick I got a subscription to crunchyroll for my son and for a few days now it hasn't been working - simply said "error try again later" I decided to delete the app and reinstall it to see if that would resolve the issue, but...