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spotify app

hello spotify app isn’t loading on my now tv stick, the screen it just black when i click on it, i have tried re downloading the app and checking for system updates and neither have worked.anyone else experiencing this problem?

Crackling phone line

I have crackling on my phone line I have done the check online and it states no issues how do I report this as every time I try it takes me back to the same page. Is there a number I can phone to get the sorted

Resolved! NowTV not loading

Pretty certain that is the wrong community but here goes.Yesterday, Sunday 19th June 2022 I was looking forward to watching the Canadian GP at 1900 hrs. Went to my Roku, which worked on Saturday 18th June 2022 for Qualifying, but nothing happened, ju...

Pause issues with the app

Every time I pause a programme it skips right back to the beginning when I unpause. Any thoughts? I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app (apple)  

Resolved! NOW app requesting firmware update

Installed on our Samsung tv the app isn't loading but requesting a firmware update.  I've manually updated the tv and there are no updates to install. NOW tv is still not loading.