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Can you watch Now TV on Freesat somehow?

now player keeps closing

When i go to watch shows on my laptop, it brings up the now app, buffers and then closes without loading the show.  What is wrong and how do i fix this?  I have tried deleting and redownloading the app but this didnt work.

allan101 by Advocate
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Now - please don’t ever start an Apple TV channel

Or you will get caught up in this complete nonsense - 3 levels of Apple Tech support being asked in escalating turn why I can’t watch my Apple-purchased Paramount+ subscription on the Apple TV app, to get to:-

RoyB by Legend
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Delete a device

Hi. I’ve tried and tried to manage/remove devices since I got a streaming limit warning today. I have tried the password reset method twice but despite what the community article says, I do not get the page that allows me to manage or remove permissi...

Resolved! Now Tv with BT Youview Recordable Box

 I pay for Now Tv  in  the BT  package. I receive it through a Youview Box. I also have the app on my Laptop .  I have signed in no problem to watch and I can not get any programme to play . I was hoping to be able to eventually  get in on my laptop ...

SandySD by Scholar
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Poor Signal

Hi, I have super fibre WiFi and I've had times in the past where I'm unable to access the app that I want to watch at different times of the day. The last few days my signal has been poor and apart from a good analog sign watching BBC 1 & 2 lots of t...

Adam80 by Advocate
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Aj v usyk fight

If there a way I can watch aj vs usyk fight on now tv app on about ? 

Resolved! Bt sport on firestick now app

Unable to watch  BT Sport on fire stick and now I have paid for the package along with other sports