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Watching Hayu under NowTV on Android TV apps ?

So we have a NowTV stick bought exclusively to watch Hayu. We also have a couple of Nvidia Shield  units in other rooms which is a far superior bit of hardware performance-wise. We note that Now TV do not appear to have an app for the Shield but that Hayu do have one.

Can we watch Hayu on the shield via the Hayu app if our Hayu sub was bought under Now TV. I don't want any more Now TV sticks as they are pretty basic but would like to be able to watch in other rooms. We only need to be able to watch on one device at a time.

If not I guess we would have to get rid of our Now TV sub and repurchase direct from Hayu and replace the Now TV stick with another Shield?

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@Anonymous User 

My guess is no, because your paying Now TV directly to watch Hayu and the content is viewed via the Now TV app. 

Much like I have iTV hub through Amazon, but I would have to take out a separate subscription for iTV for its no ads plan to watch on the iTV native app.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Your NowTV Hayu Pass only works on the NowTV App that supports Hayu.


What about casting from the NowTV Mobile App using a smartphone or tablet to your Nvidia Shield ?


Otherwise cancel your NowTV pass and subscribe directly to Hayu which should work on the Nvidia Shield, but not the NowTV Stick.