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My account wont sign me in using roku

I recently upgraded my WiFi which is now 5g. My now box (bought 2015 ish), no longer would  connect. It was picking up old snd new wifi, but dailed to connect. Unable to purchase a new now box, I went with a Roku stick. 

My now account will not let me sign in. I have changed my password a couple of times, but everytime the app says that it does not recognise my name or password. Extremely fustrating. I'm actully thinking on cancelling my account all together. I also find the help centre and community very difficult to find any help. I've spe t hours trying to read through others comments and situations to see if I can find help. Again very fustrating. 

Any help would be gratefully recieved. 


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Hi @Jaya 

What happens if you try watching on another playback device such has your smartphone for example.

If the same thing is happening then it may be something blocking your account, VPN, unknown Router IP address that NOW don't recognise, or even NOW blocking the account for some reason.

If you have a smartphone with mobile internet data try that has a temporary test to bypass your Home Router Network.

Otherwise see if NOW live chat can assist further.

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Does the Roku connect to your Wifi, and can you watch other services on it?

If you have a new router that also transmits a 5Ghz signal you need to set the  5Ghz output channel to one that is supported by the Roku on the routers config page. The nine 5 GHz channels supported by Roku devices are 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161, and 165.


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Hi @Jaya 

Should it be purley a NOW App Roku issue and other playback devices work, then I don't know if this link thread below is similar to what you are encountering or not.