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Issues with app not getting WiFi error code -1

I have the Now TV app on my TV, iPad and mobile. I can’t get anything to work while it’s connected to my wifi. As soon as I take my mobile off WiFi and use data I can connect. 
The app just won’t allow me to play anything while connected to wifi or sign back in. I’ve tried signing all the devices out but I am still getting the same -1 error code. Anyone know how to fix this? 

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Who is your ISP ?

If your ISP is using a dynamic IP address on the Router, then it sounds like their is something blocking the NOW streams on your Router.

First thing I would try is power down the Router for 20 minutes and if the Router uses a dynamic IP address it should automatically acquire a new IP (just in case NOW thinks your IP address is outside the UK or not known).

Also if using a VPN or Ad blocking software try disabling it to see if you can get past this error message.