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Fault reporting and lack of care and customer services from NOW

I have spent three hours this morning to find a way to report the problem I have been having as a NEW customer.

Your website is completely dysfunctional and lacks customer care. After managing to speak to someone and getting disconnected once and I had to call again and speak to another member of your support just as useless and lacked care as your website.

You and your shareholders in my book, trick people to switch to your services and while the new contract is in the first month of the cooling period, you provide the best service, and soon after your services drop like a big stone to the bottom of the sea.

The final instruction that I have received via email from your so-called support after spending a few hours on the phone, this morning,  lacks substance and doesn't provide starting point etc.

This is not acceptable. My next stop is making a big complaint to the Offcome.


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Legend 5


Sorry to say that your grievances will go unheard on the forum. As it is used by fellow customers like you and me. 

Your best to drop support an email .
customer services @ nowtv . com (ensure no spaces)

Or fill this form out.

Also as an  FYI.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help