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Error fetching passes on iphone

I have now tv sports and boost on my iPhone and I cannot access any programmes. Just keeps coming up with the error message. I’ve turned off the phone, deleted the app and reinstalled, checked various forums, even the Now help doesn’t have that error message on the apple section. Just want to watch F1 without any faff

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @LisaB 

Does your Sports Membership play other devices apart from the iPhone?

I don't own any Apple products, but a couple of things to try.

Switch off Private Relay or if using a VPN disable it.

I am assuming you are trying to watch inside the UK if you are a UK customer.

Are you using an Apple beta version of their OS ?

When you say you have fully powered down the phone, was that after you downloaded a new version of the NOW App from the phone Apps Store ?