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Hi there,

I’ve had my Now TV account for a few years now.  
My 18 year old daughter has just ordered Disney+, initially to watch on her laptop, but she’d like us to be able to watch it through the tv in her room too. 

We’ve plugged the Now TV box into the TV and see that Now TV supports Disney+ but her Disney account is a different email address etc. to my Now TV email address and so we can’t seem to log in? 

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get it to work?

(By the way the TV doesn’t support the app, so we can’t get it through that)


Any advice would be useful. Thanks.



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Legend 5

@Anonymous User Disney+ accounts are totally different to Now TV accounts. So your daughter needs to use her Disney+ account to log into the Disney+ app, and not your NowTV account, if that’s what she’s trying to use.

Hope that helps.