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Channel 4 app

I've tried to locate a watch live option on All 4 but there doesn't seem to be anything there, although it is on my mobile.  There was an answer from over 3 years ago to the same question but surely this has been sorted by now?

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Re: Channel 4 app


This is down to All4 itself, but from my understanding you should be able to cast the content to the box/stick. 

That being said the ITV hub on my Samsung TV didn't have Live channels until recently. Perhaps with All4 becoming All4+ subscription option there might be scope for them to add Live channels to other devices. 

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Re: Channel 4 app

@1967dazzler @gavs82008 


Lots of All4 apps on various devices don’t offer live channels, though some do.


I think the idea was that these versions of the app went with, or at least played on, a TV with the live channels on, though of course this is not always the case.


But certainly, the All4 app on the NowTV stick seems to be NowTV-specific, as if you look at the Help, there are a lot of NowTV-specific entries there.

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