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Black screen with sound only


im getting a black screen with no picture and sound only when playing certain shows. Unfortunately it seems to be all of the shows and movies I want to watch. This has been happening for months now and NOW are ignoring my requests for assistance. 

I’m using an Amazon prime stick. It’s the same on two different tvs. I’ve tried restarting/unplugging etc. it’s not all shows but most of them. 

does anybody know a fix for this please? 

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Hi @Maria3 

A few Amazon Fire Stick users have reported this on both the Community Forum and over on NOW Twitter help.

From what I can tell only Fire Stick owners who don't have NOW Boost Membership seems to be encountering this.

So far I haven't seen any solution (unless you want to part further money on NOW Boost).

I have a Fire Stick 4K and Boost and don't seem to be affected.

You could try going into your Fire Stick Display Settings and play around with the different resoutions, bit depth etc, but I doubt this will have any bearing.


Thanks very much for your reply.

Hopefully they’ll have a solution soon then! And hopefully I’ll get a reply to my emails regarding it…


I’m getting this and have the boost. Only started recently after an update on the fire tv box


I got boost to see if it resolved it but no joy. I’ve now cancelled my now subscription as it’s been months with no resolution 😑

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Hi @Maria3 @Gazzergood 

Sorry I wasn't of much help.

Reading a lot of tweets over on NOW Twitter Help it seemed to be affecting non Boost Members (obviously this is not the case seeing your both posts above).

If you don't want to continue with Boost then make sure you cancel fully and check after cancelling you go back to your online Membership and check it says cancelled next to Boost.

You should also receive a cancel email notification from NOW.

Myself and a couple of people I know have a Amazon Fire Stick with Boost and don't seem to be affected with this glitch of a blank screen with sound when using the NOW App (my Fire Stick is fully up to date).

If you have tried it on different TV's and different HDMI ports then I doubt it is a conflict with the Fire Stick NOW App and the Display Settings on either the Stick or TV.

I am assuming you are using the power adapter that came with the Fire Stick ?

If using a 4K TV and in the HDMI television Settings if it has the option to adjust HDMI profile or HDMI standard or enhanced features then try both (doubt this will have any bearing but worth a try anyway).

Perhaps try sending NOW an email using the address on the screen shot below and ask it to be elevated to the next customer support technical level has high priority because everything suggested so far on both the Community Forum, Live Chat and NOW Twitter doesn't seem to fix the issue for you.

Hope you get it sorted.




Thank you! I’ll try customer services again but they don’t seem very interested in resolving the issue. Fingers crossed. 


@Maria3 @schnapps @Gazzergood 

A very similar issue has been reported with the Prime Video app on YouView boxes, for which an update to the YouView software has been issued.

It is not recorded (and never is) what had to be fixed and by whom, but clearly something changed here.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.