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BT Sport on NowTV

So. When will BT Sports app be available on the NowTv boxes? This was promised in january 2019. Come on NowTv! Many people are waiting. Take my money! I want to pay for BT!

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Re: BT Sport on NowTV

BT sport was never promised in January, merely an early 2019 release. Which I can understand to many that is January.

According to Sky their services won’t be updated till mid 2019.

Hopefully this is round the same time we FINALLY GET ON DEMAND SPORTS! 

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Contributor 2

Re: BT Sport on NowTV

Reading that link it is not clear if BT Sport will be available to Now TV subscribers.


Mid 2019 would coincide with UEFA finals, so I suppose that is when it May (sic)  launch.

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