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Apple TV app needs a complete overhaul

I’m going to be honest and upfront about this one because it’s a daily frustration. The Apple TV app needs overhauling. It’s horrible. It’s unusable at times with the Apple TV remote. It just needs to match the Apple TV app ecosystem. Menu bar at the top. Scrubbing to fast forward. Please. Stop being lazy and porting the same app on each device. Make it a proper user experience. 

Please take feedback seriously. It has a 2 out of 5 star rating for a reason. It’s trash tier streaming. If I could honestly get sky box sets and movies on another platform I would of gone by now. Firm but honest 

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Sadly I wouldn't hold out hope we all thought we were getting that last year and we sort of got a half way improvement it's certainly a better service on other platforms that is for certain.  


That’s ashame. Is there anything similar to NOW in terms of content (any other streaming apps with Sky stuff in it) ?


I’d rather jump ship than stay if they are not interested