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want to cancel anytime calls

Hi, we have had a subscription with you for 3 years and we haven't been noted of the recent price change and the inclusion of anytime calls. I would like a refund for the £8 a month that you have charged me onto of our bill and we do not even have a landline at this property. We were not informed about this additional price.

This has doubled our bill each month. It is a little frustrating as we have been loyal customers for 3 years. 

Please can you cancel the anytime calls and we also want to be given a new price for the broadband for being loyal otherwise we will cancel our entire subscription.


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Legend 5


Please stop saying "you" on here as you will not and will never speak to staff who can deal with account and contract issues in relation to broadband. In fact I have never seen staff from broadband support on here. 

You need to call the broadband team to sort anything out. Make sure to be signed in to see the number.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help