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is a voucher a pass ? and how do i activate movie pass

Hi I have been given a pass after poor service via email, but cannot easily see how to activate it

Is a "pass" a "voucher" ?   I have been into movies but its looking for titles not how to redeem a pass

Thanks for your help! 

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and now I own badge for posting 🙂   How ridiculous !!

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Hi @Anonymous User 


On the email sent to you i would have thought it would either give you a voucher code to manually apply yourself on your account or there would be a link on the email to click on to activate the voucher pass.


Because you mentioned movies i am guessing it was a NowTV cinema voucher pass you was given.


You need to Go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst logged in with the email address that the NowTV email was sent to you on to check the pass or apply the voucher if you was given a code.


If you are still on an existing offer that has more than 30 days remaining then you will not be able to manually apply the voucher code next to your cinema pass until you have 30 days or less remaining.