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Offers and Vouchers - Broadband



Hi could someone help i activated my free day pass last night for sky sports, im clicking to watch it on my now tv stick and it wont load keeps saying there was a problem

Topcashback and NOW TV

Hi, For some reason my cashabck has tracked as £0.00 it should be £65. I've lodged a ticket with topcashback but they aren't great at communicating and keep asking for my order number which I've provided numerous times.  I provided it again and have ...

Hold time!

I have been on hold now for 2 hours.....has anyone else had problems with this? do I hang up and try again!? this really is totally ridiculous! I want to upgrade my broadband and so give them more money in affect...who would have thought it would be ...

signed up through cashback site

I signed up through topcashback with expected payment time of 8 weeks, this has passed now. reviews on site saying people have been waiting as long as since december 2016 for payment.  can you advise when your marketing department will pay these site...


Hi - just wondering if anyone has had a successful cashback transaction with Now broadband. My transaction and cashback has been declined even though I have never used now TV or broadband before and I cleared cookies. I have submitted a claim but am ...