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Offers and Vouchers - Broadband


Is this a legit offer?

Hi, I'm just wondering if an email from address: [email removed], is legit? I'm quite new to NOWTV and wouldn't like to be dragged into a scam. The offer is for 3 months entertainment pass for th price of one.  Thanks

Resolved! Reward Card Offer

After signing up with Now Broadband about a week ago I noticed yesterday that the offer  has been updated and now includes a £50 reward card. Is there any way that I can get this reward? 

No Entertainment pass discount

Hi I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I contacted NOW TV as an existing entertainment pass customer, to ask about their broadband deal. At the time, they were offering discounted entertainment passes to new broadband customers. I was to...

No Loyalty

I already subscribe to Now TV Entertainment, Movies and Kids. I phoned up to also add broadband and a phone line to my account. I found an offer online for Broadband, Phone and Entertainment for a slightly discounted price however when I phoned up to...

Resolved! Combo Deal Ends

My combo deals ends 20th April when will be charged an extra £12.99 per month hereafter. Is it best to cancel my subscription and call up Now TV to see if i can keep my same deal?

Black Friday offer email

Anyone else receive an email from NOW TV about their 50% off Black Friday for Cinema + Entertainment deals for 12 months worth of passes to each? It looks like a really good deal, and I was was very interested in forking over the £99 today to secure ...