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Legend 5

Won a cinema pass with Nestle. Cancelled but have been charged.

I am a Combo customer (as was, but am still being billed using the Combo system).

I recently won a free month's cinema pass with Nestle. I applied the voucher to run from Oct 7 to Nov 7.  I cancelled on Nov 1 to prevent it auto-renewing (so I'd get the month's pass for free and not be charged for anything else).

However, I have been charged for Nov 7 to Dec 1 with a new pass (which I didn't ask for) running until Dec 1.

Why have I been charged?

Your Combo billing system is not fit for purpose when using voucher codes. Because of this, you are on the verge of losing a broadband customer.

I will continue to use the Now TV service for entertainment. But I'm pretty sure you'd get more money out of me paying for broadband every month rather than passes as and when I want them.

If this has solved your issue please mark this as an accepted solution.

Those little green stars by my name mean that I'm a Community Contributor - not Now TV staff. I just try to help out if I can.