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Tesco Voucher £50

We signed up to Now TV in August and our account was activated in September.  We signed up to a deal through a Money Saving Expert link which offered a £50 voucher and we chose a Tesco voucher, to be received within 60 days of account activation.  We have still not received it and this is now DECEMBER!  I finally called Now TV today to cancel my account and have been promised a voucher within the next week.  It's a shame that we had to take this action and we are still not sure if it will be successful in getting us our voucher, but we are hopeful.  Don't you want happy customers NowTV?  I suggest trying this as an option if you are still hoping to receive your voucher, I am prepared to take it to a consumer advice organisation and Radio 4 consumer programme if necessary, after all if we don't receive our voucher then the contract was missold.  Good luck everyone.

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There are so many threads with people having this exact problem! I have been waiting since August. 

I have raised an official complaint about this and chased it up numerous times. I am told contradictory things each time (including lately that the team dealing with it had closed down for Christmas but nobody can tell me when they will be back in work!). Now today I have been sent an email saying they are closing my complaint because it has been resolved!!

It has not been resolved!!!! I am still waiting and I am very tired of being lied to.

Time to look for another provider altogether I think!