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Tesco £50 voucher

It seems after looking through the forum only one person has received their voucher.

I'm sure that all the postees had  only one major resaon for switching or taking up Now TV broadband -  the voucher offer inclusion.

So what are Now playing at?

Hope we will forget about it.

Give up trying to redeem due to run arounds and miss information supplied by Now Agents.

Cite "Not followed process and proceedure. Sorry No Prize!

I suggest direct debits are cancelled and an adjusted standing order is substituded with payments of:

Month 1 £1.00

Month 2 £1.00

Month 3 £8.00

Month 4 DD returns at £20.00

Very disappointed in Now TV's trickery and deception.

Well it's Sky after all so no surprise.






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OK fairs fair and only right to report action and progress.

I read in a similar post that a mail (Kudos when I find the thread ) was sent to the following address (split below for forum filtering)  So I did the same.





The mail contained  the following:

Sir Madame,

 During sign up to Now TV a £50.00 Tesco reward voucher was selected and promised within 60 days. This was applied for but no communication regarding this reward has be received. Reward has not migrated to my spam folder.

This is a Now TV offer and not a third party offer.

All terms and conditions regarding qualification for this reward were followed.

Please address without delay.

Order date line set out below. (installed 14/9/2018)


  Today  11.01.2019 the voucher arrived it came in an email with a link to print it off.

Don’t give up they do exist but unfortunately, we have to chase.

Quest Completed. I have the cheapest like for like Broadband available and also the most reliable service ever since using broadband (to date)

Now 94% Happy.


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Congratulations, I hope you find something nice at Tesco. 

Regards Linda (LJY) 

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I only signed up for the service to get the voucher and 12 month only contract, cant see any other advantages.  


I've been chasing a John Lewis voucher since August 2018.  They keep closing the complaint in the hope I'll go away ,citing they have 90 days to respond.  The clock starts from the latest complaint.  What a scam.

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Please paste and send the  mail content above and send to the mail address within if you haven't done already.

This is a Nowtv offer and not a 3rd party offer.

A mail of aknowledgement, then confirmation of voucher delivery and finally a mail containing the voucher were received.

Good luck and dont give up. Frustrating, I know but Nowtv owe you the voucher.